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Ashrya and Joshua obliging me with a pose around the Christmas tree

Ashrya and Joshua obliging me with a pose around the Christmas tree

1. If you read my last post and know of an organisation or church or group which has successfully set up an inclusive community of a variety of people — perhaps even with differing views — please write to me about it. I may publish it and I am sure others will want to know how it was achieved. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

2. It’s the Christmas season and I know people are too busy for heavy stuff! So, I decided that I will start my series on how our Lord drew me from the edge and set me in the high places of hope from January next year. I’ll share my experiences and especially the lessons I learnt from Him.

I thought I’d let the excitement of the season settle down before I pick up again that thread of thought again.

So, for now, let’s enjoy the season.

The season began for me with a visit to my closest relative last Saturday. It was welcoming sight that greeted me at the door. Father and son (Joshua) were building a Christmas crib to hold the Nativity scene. What a great bonding exercise between the men in the family!

I went into the kitchen and saw tea being made and Klang‘s (small town, about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) famous curry puffs on the table. Mother and daughter (Ashrya) and Aunt sat down at the table and had a wonderful time chatting and laughing. Twelve-year-old Ashrya is growing up and is full of opinions!

For me Christmas is spending time with people, being with them and enjoying their company. At Christmas, my wish is always to be with people.


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