Make a wish this Christmas and make it happen!

I wonder if you’d like to join me and make a wish this Christmas and make it happen! Yes, don’t just make a wish — but, do something so that it works out. Make a wish in the Comments, and if you make it happen, tell us about it again. You can write about it in Comments or send me a note about it — with pictures if you can!

It would be nice to read the wishes. I’ll start. My eldest two brothers and I (the youngest of 6 siblings) are the only surviving members of my family. No 1 brother is in a home and No 2, who had a stroke last year, is at home, being taken care of by family members, aided by a maid. They haven’t seen each other since No 2’s stroke, mainly because No 1 couldn’t deal with it. I am making a wish that he will agree to visit his younger brother.

I asked him about it a couple of times, but he was evasive. Well, when I asked him again during my last visit, this time, he agreed! So, I have planned to take him to see his younger brother this Friday. So, no post this Friday, but I hope there’ll be many wishes to read in Comments for this Christmas season!



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