Don’t be alarmed, but don’t waste time either!

Looking at what’s happening in the world, I am sure many are wondering if this is the end or, at least, close to it! Well, I had the same thoughts and took a look at Scriptures to see what Jesus said about it , and I was greatly encouraged. Jesus says in Matthew 24:6 “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. … All these are the beginning of birth pains.”

“Don’t be alarmed.” How reassuring to read that! Don’t be alarmed — because there are events — “such things” — that must happen. We don ‘t know how long it will  take for such things to happen — maybe soon, or later or much later. We don’t know and, frankly, we don’t need to know. We just need to be ready when they happen.

As I contemplated on Scripture and prayed about current events, I just felt that our Lord was saying something that He wants me to share: “Time is short; there is no time left to wait. Don’t wait any longer.”

I believe He has laid or will lay on our hearts some specific course or courses of action that He wants to accomplish through us now. He has already spoken or will speak to us individually and corporately. He may want some to move to another geographical location, others to stay put. Some to further their studies or to do business, or to take part in the political process. Some to marry and some to stay single, some to have children or to adopt and so on. He will definitely be calling a number to full-time service because there will be a need for more pastors in the future. We have to continue doing everything we do in our lives. Among them, however, there will be one or a few plans which the Holy Spirit births in us.

It is imperative that we recognise His plans. We won’t recognise His plans if we are busy conforming to an established agenda. When we set that agenda aside, we will be able to recognise His plans for us individually and corporately. Often, those plans are also what we want. If it is God’s plan, it is most likely that we would not be able to shake it off! Some times, we know His plans but can’t do it. If you have become fainthearted and weak-kneed over His plans, let me encourage you. God has confidence in you — that’s why He has laid such thoughts or ideas in you. Success will come when we move in the confidence of the Holy Spirit.

It is urgent that we start accomplishing His plans now. What we do now will have a direct bearing on what is coming next. As we carry out His plans and bring them to fruition, we are going to grow and learn very specific things that He wants to pass on to the generation after us.

If we fail, we will leave those who come after us unequipped to deal with what they are going to face. What He is desiring to accomplish through us today is key to the survival of the Church tomorrow!

Wait no more.




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I am a little left of centre 21st Century person. What all that means you'll discover as you read my blog!
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