A conference on praying for the nation

I just returned from a prayer conference session by Julius Suubi, founder of the Highway of Holiness Ministries International which runs a 24/7 prayer chain in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a leader in the intercession for the nations and moves in the prophetic ministry. He said a number of things which was the same as what the Holy Spirit has been saying to me. It was a pleasant surprise to hear another person whom I have never met speaking about the same things that the Holy Spirit has been putting in my heart. It was confirmation that it was what the Holy Spirit is doing and not some crazy idea that I thought of!

I will share a couple of things Suubi shared here. These are not his own words; I am summarising them here. He said that there would be a revival in Malaysia. He also said that some strongholds over Malaysia will be destroyed. He, however, cautioned that for these things to happen there should be a great prayer endeavour. He specifically endorsed the Assembly of God of Malaysia Prayer Commission’s 24/7 prayer initiative to have at least 4,000 Malaysian intercessors to pray round the clock for Malaysia and the nations of the world.

So, if you have time and want to join a nationwide effort to move mountains, get in touch with the Prayer Commission! You can access them from their website at http://www.ag.org.my.

While much of what was shared wasn’t new, I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the conference and the inspiring messages and singing and especially the praying together. Not only did the Holy Spirit confirm the things He was putting in my heart but He also gave me insight. I left the session excited that God is going to do things in Malaysia and I am going to witness them!

So, if you hear of any work of Christ in your life and you think others need to know about it, send me your report. If it is worthy of publication, I’ll edit and publish it here!

The conference, United To Transform, began on Wednesday, September 10. Suubi was the speaker for all the sessions until this morning. Tonight, however, the speaker is none other than the famous Rev Cindy Jacobs who is one of the leading prophets of our time. She is also taking the last session tomorrow morning. I will feature what she said in a post here tomorrow or Sunday, latest.

By the way the night sessions are free. Venue: Glad Tidings Assembly of God, Petaling Jaya


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