Prophecies on Malaysia

Prophetess Cindy Jacob gave several prophecies at the United To Transform prayer conference which ended yesterday. Many of them were very specific to individuals, so, I won’t mention them here. I will summarize here first two prophecies which are related to the Church in Malaysia and, later, one about the nation of Malaysia.

First, she said, there would be an awakening in the Church in Malaysia. Secondly, she said worship is the key. She explained that it was through our worship that others will begin to seek Him out.

Listening to her explanation I tend to agree. One of the wonderful experiences of the just-concluded prayer conference was the worship. There was a freedom to worship and it was wonderful to see lifted hands reaching out in worship. I saw a lady dancing in a little space between sections. Others were swaying with the music. There were no dramatic, spectacular moments; the musicians weren’t the most professional but worship flowed freely from our hearts, and it was very edifying.

I am aware that people in a new environment would be freer to worship because they are free from the stresses of their own churches where people knowing each other may be rubbing each other the wrong way! But, if worship is going to be key in drawing others to Christ, then, I think, it is of utmost importance that in our own churches we create an emotional culture where we will be free to worship from an unencumbered heart! It is something that leaders must initiate and practise because it is they who set the tone of the emotional culture in their churches.

In the same vein, Cindy’s husband, Mike Jacobs, a teacher, gave a very good explanation of when prophecies don’t happen. He said that prophecies are not fulfilled in our lives because our self-identity is not aligned with our identity in Christ and so we don’t see ourselves as able to step up to the challenge of the prophecy. Citing the example of David, he said that David understood his position in God. He knew who His God was and it was in that confidence that he stood and defied Goliath: “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (I Samuel 17: 26)

David’s identity was with his God and it gave him all the confidence he needed to take on Goliath and the rest is history. Mike made a very profound statement that reveals the power of God’s prophetic Word. He said that when a prophecy is presented to you, it offers you the (italics, mine!) chance to transform to become the person Christ wants you to become in Him to fulfill that prophecy.

I realised it is the same thing that happens when we respond to the Word of God. When we believe and obey and act, we change into His likeness! When we resist, we are actually saying we don’t want to be like Christ. Why would he then fulfill His Word or His prophecies in our lives?

Prophecies are given but it is up to us to claim them for ourselves and make them happen.

The one prophecy about Malaysia that I want to share is the same that God gave me! The Holy Spirit has been laying on my heart to pray for Sabah and Sarawak and specifically for the government to establish a very strong defence in the waters around the two states. Militants and terrorists cross the waters into Sabah and create havoc there. Of late they have resorted to kidnappings to raise funds for their terrorist activities. Some of these outsiders invoke the powers of spirits to empower them. The Holy Spirit led me to pray against these powers so that the waters off Sabah and Sarawak will be safe. During the conference, Cindy made a prophetic utterance about the two states, saying that there would be a visitation of God (to that effect) on the coasts of Sabah and Sarawak and there would be a measure of prosperity in the two states. I was amazed that she said that because it was similar to what the Holy Spirit was saying to me!

It is going to be very exciting praying for Malaysia and the nations of the world!


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