Faith gives us a choice

Sometimes, the solutions to our problems are right before us but we can’t see them or, if we can, we are unable to do anything about it because we think we can’t or that we have no other choice. As Christians, however, I believe, we do have a choice. When we exercise faith, we have a choice — not to give up or give in, but to find an alternative to deal with the issue at hand.

Take businesses, for example. The workplace is one of the most stressed out places on Earth, I think! There are objectives to achieve, projects to undertake and deadlines to meet. To destress, we go out with friends for a drink or two to find some relief, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t solve the problem. The solution is apparent: reduce the workload! But, businesses will never do that because it would affect their bottomline.

So, employees have no choice but to struggle with their workload and find ways to cope. If you are a Christian what would you do? I was in such a situation. In my case, the work environment got so intolerable that I was getting sick, and that made it easier for me to decide. I quit because I had the faith to believe that God wouldn’t have wanted me to stay in a place that was a threat to my health. And, I was confident that I would get a better job.

I got other jobs but health was still an issue and, now, I began to panic. If I gave up a high-paying job, I wouldn’t have enough for my senior years. But, I was getting sick. That was when I made a choice by faith. I believed that God would take care of me somehow and that I couldn’t risk my health with a high-pressured job. So, I looked for less stressful jobs and lower-paying jobs. I lived more simply, and still didn’t have enough to save for the future, but I got my health and my life back! I became a happier person and grew stronger emotionally. I could grow because I was no longer stressed out!

And, God took care where I couldn’t. Financially, something worked out serendipitously for my family, so my future is ok, too!

In the same way, what would you do if you, as a Christian, were the owner of the business or responsible for the business or organization? If workers leave and those left behind are overworked and stressed out, what would you do? Can we see that, perhaps, our work expectations are too heavy on our staff? That they are too stressed out to be nice and relate well with one another and those outside the organisation? The obvious solution is to drop the standard, reduce the workload and ease the pace of work. But, would we, as Christians, do it?

We may think that the objectives are for “God’s glory” and personal stress is the cost of “serving God” and not change the work lifestyle. At some points in our lives we need to over-extend ourselves in this way, but is it a realistic expectation to impose it on staff for the long-term? I don’t think God wants us to work so hard that we have no time to relax and enjoy relationships with colleagues, friends, family and others.

Christian bosses do have a choice. If by faith, they alleviate the stress levels at work, I think people will be more relaxed and happier. Relaxed and happier people relate better and may become more creative and productive. They may also attract others to join them, including volunteers. In the long run, people volunteer or give their services not only because something is a worthy cause, but because it is nice and fun to work with others of like mind in a relatively stress-free environment.

If you have a story like this where faith gave you a choice in a seemingly impossible situation, write to me about it. I think people would love to read your story!


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