Healing rally at the CCC

There’s a healing rally going on at the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC), organised by the Church Growth International 2014 conference. Two reputable preachers, Dr Dag Heward Mills and Dr Richard Roberts, who have very long and demonstrative and effective ministries in healing are leading the sessions held at night.

I went for the first session on Tuesday and was quite touched by some of the testimonies of healing. Some were healed of back, leg and hand pains. Another of a migraine. One wheel-chair bound lady — with the help of a few people — was able to get up and take a few faltering steps.

But, the testimony that touched me most was that of a young woman. She shared that she was afraid of standing in front of people, but, after the message and the altar call, she was able to walk all the way to the pulpit from the back! It was something else she said that drew my attention to her. She said that she heard: “You are the best!”

This young woman must have had low self-esteem. But, something happened to her as she listened and it gave her a boost in self-esteem. Some fear, some anxiety was removed and some psychological glitch ironed out, and, freed from it, she naturally stepped out and walked all the way to the front and faced the very thing she couldn’t face. Psychologists take weeks, months and even years to get their patients with such problems to this point. It happened to her in an instant!

She will have to affirm this triumph in the days to come or she may relapse and, I hope, she gets the right help in this respect. Healing is part and parcel of Christian living. We are healed in some things and at the same time there are many other illnesses for which we get medical attention. Healing rallies bring this powerful ministry of God — only God heals, nobody else can! — to the forefront. It is a continuous affirmation that the Jesus Christ of the Bible who healed in His time also heals in our times.

The healing rally starts at 8pm at the CCC and will be on today and tomorrow.


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