The KL night skyline stays on my mind

A section of the Kuala Lumpur night skyline

A section of the Kuala Lumpur night skyline

One of the standout views that has lingered in my mind is the Kuala Lumpur night skyline as seen from the 18th floor Bintang Revolving Restaurant of the Federal Hotel. You get a 360 degree view of the city night sky in the hour the restaurant takes to make a full circle. It’s an interesting starting talking point over a 4-course Western dinner.

Mabel at the Bintang Revolving Restaurant

Mabel at the Bintang Revolving Restaurant

I took my good friend, Mabel, there for her birthday, and it was quite an experience having the KL night skyline swirl around us as we leisurely chatted over hor dourves with pea sauce, artichoke soup, rack of lamb, crème brûlée with mango coulis with coffee. The food was normal hotel standard fare but the rack of lamb was especially good and the set was very reasonably priced. But, it was the breathtaking view that made dinner at the Bintang memorable.

You can see the brightly-lit Petronas Twin Towers very clearly like two brightly-lit Christmas trees! It was visually stimulating and coupled with good company and quite good food, it makes for a mellow, relaxing night out. I couldn’t resist taking a picture knowing fully well that the image wouldn’t be very sharp as I was capturing the scene through the glass panels. (Well, I am, also, not that great a photographer!) But, the picture gives an idea of what to expect.

Federal Hotel also played a part in Malaysia’s (then known as Malaya) quest for independence. It is said that the construction of the hotel was rushed to be completed in time for the country’s founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman, to hold a couple of meetings there to get independance from colonial Britain at that time. We got merdeka (independence) on August 31, 1957.

It really is a place that should be further promoted.


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