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The danger in Malaysian politics as usual

There’s this sandiwara¬†(stage play) playing out before us and I hope the Malaysian public can see through it. One protagonist is PAS which kicked up a political storm when it tabled the Shariah Criminal Code II Enactment 1993 (amendment 2015) … Continue reading

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The secret to resolution is in the process

Sometimes, our circumstances can leave us overwhelmed, helpless and stumped. We think there’s just no way out. If we think that then we are already defeated. We will never get out of those circumstances that are getting us down. Instead, … Continue reading

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Two kinds of love: True love and making-do love!

I wrote a Valentine’s Day post that painted a gloomy picture of love in the 21st Century. I said that only a very few ever find true love while the rest keep chasing for it with or without a partner. … Continue reading

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Why some prophecies don’t happen, to us

Very strangely, a different topic intruded my thoughts in the last couple of days and there was this sense of urgency that I should address it. It is to explain in my very practical perspective why some prophecies don’t come … Continue reading

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