Why some prophecies don’t happen, to us

Very strangely, a different topic intruded my thoughts in the last couple of days and there was this sense of urgency that I should address it. It is to explain in my very practical perspective why some prophecies don’t come true, for us personally.

Let me stress from the onset that all the prophecies of God always come to pass. Sometimes, though, some don’t for various reasons. One reason is that it is not meant for us at that time or at all. For example, the end-times prophecies are for end-times, not for those of other times. But, I am emphasising here only regarding those prophecies that are personal to us.  The most common reason why personal prophecies don’t come true is similar to why the promises of God don’t work for us: we don’t claim them and make them our own!

Prophecies give us foreknowledge or forewarning. Promises tell us of the divine help available to us, such as “trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will give you the desires of your heart”, “give and it will be given to you”, “knock and the door will open” etc, etc, etc.  They come with a condition; when you do A, B follows. But, all of us know that sometimes, B doesn’t follow. Do we give up? No, we persevere until we are satisfyingly resolved. We experience His help, enabling us to overcome and come to terms with the issue at hand.

Same with prophecies. Prophecies often show what we lack. The end-times prophecies show the terrible days that are ahead. We can become weak-kneed and be in denial or rise up to the prophecy by preparing ourselves by faith for our destiny. That’s also how we claim a personal prophecy. We get ready for it in expectation of it happening.

If we are like most charismatics, respond to an altar call, then sit back and wait for God to make the prophecy happen, we can wait, and wait … until the cows come home!

As young Christians, God does things for us. But, as we mature, we are expected to do as He would. We may make mistakes but we will grow through it. We don’t just try our luck, but we act in confidence because we believe.

If we give up and let go, it means we don’t have it in us to receive the prophecy or promise. In other words, the prophecy showed us up, what we lack in. If, we are too cowardly or weak to face up to our inabilities, we may sneak out through the back door and pretend that nothing happened. We lie to ourselves and others, and live that lie. But the person of faith who wants that prophecy fulfilled in his/her life, will exercise faith and step up to the circumstances that would bring about the fulfillment of the prophecy.

Like Jacob and NOT like Esau! God gave Abraham the prophecy that he would be the father of many nations (Gen 17:4). That was included in the birthright of the firstborn through his lineage, which Esau, his grandson through Isaac, sold for a bowl of stew to his younger brother, Jacob! Esau didn’t care for his birthright, and he gave it up. As a result, he missed out on his destiny to be the father of many nations, an honour that went to Jacob. Esau missed it because he did not value the prophecy that was meant for him!

When prophecies involve more than one person, and the other party or parties don’t believe, there would be trouble. It’s like a marriage. Mark 10: 9 says about marriage: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Yet, Christians divorce for whatever reason. That divorce is unlikely to happen if both spouses believe in Mark 10: 9 because they would work hard at the marriage so that they don’t separate. But, if one spouse does not believe, the resolve not to separate weakens. Then, you don’t need much of a reason to get out!

If the unbelieving spouse decides to divorce, the believing spouse is free, while remaining true to Mark 10: 9!

When we claim a prophecy, it shows that we recognize that it is from God. So, we find the faith and struggle to get what God gives because we value it and so want it. In that struggle we change to become the perfect match for the prophecy. When we give up, the prophecy will not materialise and we miss the chance to become our destiny, and, if other parties are involved , they are free to move on!



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