Yet another exhibition to showcase Eric Peris’ art form

Peris ... explaining his art. Pic by Gertrude Pereira

Peris … explaining his art. Pic by Gertrude Pereira

Eric Peris is one of the leading black and white photographers of the country. The photojournalist has been taking photographs and holding exhibitions for decades. At age 76, he is still taking photographs and showcasing them! His current exhibition, NAMO — photo retrospective, features his latest set of images from trips around the country, including one past picture.

“Namo” means homage in Pali, which is the language of the Buddhist scriptures. Peris, who is of Sri Lankan origin, organised this exhibition in honour of his parents who he says were instrumental in training him to “see”, as a result of which he developed his own style of photography. Peris’

Steps ... taken at the General Post Office, Kuala Lumpur

Steps … taken at the General Post Office, Kuala Lumpur

photos capture commonplace images but his skill is in revealing their ethereal beauty even in the stark black and white stills.

I have uploaded two of his photos here. The zigzag black and white piece — which caught my attention — is a play of light and shadow on a set of steps at the General Post Office in Kuala Lumpur! Skilled photographer! The other is a clump of trees and its reflection in a rural setting.

The NAMO collection has about 20 other photos and they are each priced at RM 1,800 — very reasonable for a piece of art! The exhibition is being held at the Sutera Foundation, near Taman Titiwangsa, from 10am-5pm, Mon-Fri, until May 24. The photos can also be viewed over the weekends by appointment. Contact: 603 4021 1092

Trees ... in reflection.

Trees … in reflection.



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