Marred by Malaysia Airlines Delhi-Kuala Lumpur flight

My holiday in India was great. But just one thing marred the entire one-week holiday and that was the flight home on our national carrier, Malaysia Airlines. I like to fly Malaysia Airlines because they live up to their reputation as one of the best cabin services you will find but I saw no evidence of that on that Malaysia Airlines flight from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur on June 5. My friends were sitting in different sections and they, too, said the same. The stewardesses were just plain rude to the mostly Indian passengers.

Some of the passengers were a bit kampung-like and want to change places and sit together and ask repeatedly for drinks — at the wrong time! Instead of being firm and nice, the stewardesses were just rude, shouting at the passengers. On one instance, someone’s bag stuck out of the overhead cabin, and one stewardess with pronounced curled eyelashes demanded in a high-strung voice: “Whose bag is this?” and shoved it in and slammed down the door. Another shouted at a standing passenger across several rows to sit down. The passengers paid for their tickets. Should they not get their money’s worth of services?

The Indian passengers took it quietly, but I was thoroughly disgusted by the behaviour of our stewardesses. Whatever happened to the famed Malaysian hospitality?

The same behaviour was seen in the Indian airlines I flew in but the response of the stewardesses were a marked contrast to our stewardesses on flight MH191. On the Indian airlines, the stewardesses patiently waited and kindly directed those “troublesome” passengers until they settled down. Unfortunately, our stewardesses displayed no such skill, just a lack of culture or, perhaps, proper training.

It was the same at the immigration scanning section. As passengers leave the immigration stations, they converge at one doorway which opens immediately to the bag scanning machines which you can’t see. So, as people turn in there isn’t time to form lines at which the immigration person there raised his voice to get people to form lines. The instruction was simple: “Follow the line.” But, the raised tone of his voice showed his irritation.

From experience, immigration should have anticipated this problem and set up a system to stream passengers into orderly lines. That was absent. As far as I am concerned, the immigration personnel didn’t do their job well, and, instead, took it out on the passengers.

So much for Malaysian Airlines’ famed service! I’ll think twice about flying Malaysian Airlines

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