Look what’s happening without our moral compass

1MDB, racial thuggery at Low Yat Plaza, religious repression. People seem to be engaging in these unethical behaviours in the public space and can’t seem to see that it is wrong. They justify wrong-doing for the sake of expediency — in the name of party, race, country and religion.

1MDB (so much has been written about it, that I am not going to repeat them here) is under investigation. So, we are seeing due process, and that’s a good thing, but what will the outcome be? Will the Prime Minister be implicated? And, on what basis? Or, will, after the investigations, his name be cleared on the basis that he did not — as he has always said — take the money for himself.

Will the authorities recognise that it’s unethical for an incumbent politician — Prime Minister or not — to divert people’s money to prop up his voter base to win an election as it appears was the purpose of the diverted funds based on published reports? What laws and institutions exist to ensure such impropriety by people in public office doesn’t happen? Why are these issues not discussed and efforts taken to institute such laws and democratic institutions? Instead, there’s just more mud-slinging!

Then, the Low Yat melee. It was an isolated case of a thief and his partner who were caught but who later took revenge. The matter was left in the hands of the police. But, opportunists turned it into a racial fight, with inflammatory statements and beating up of innocent bystanders. There was no cause for provocation, yet some people were incensed and took action that hurt others.

In this case, the police did a good job of arresting the trouble-makers. I hope that would deter others from resorting to such venting.

All around us we hear of how people in public office just abuse their privileges. Religious bigots have no respect for freedom of worship. Corruption is everywhere, it appears, even if a little less now than before. Everyone knows what is going on and many of those involved are getting away with it and nobody can do anything about it.

That is the sorry state we are in. It seems to suggest that people in public office apparently have lost their moral compass, doing what they shouldn’t do but justifying it for whatever reason.

If unarrested, I can see us rushing headlong into an abyss, one from which we get out of only at great cost. That’s the worst-case scenario. The best-cast scenario is if between now and the next general election, a leader of integrity and with the will to take control and guide us to progress without compromising our liberties steps forward. If he or she does, that person and his or her party/coalition will win the next general election, and that would be the turning point of our fortunes.

If that doesn’t happen, we are on course to more troubled waters.



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I am a little left of centre 21st Century person. What all that means you'll discover as you read my blog!
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