Pray and become the solution to change the nation

Christians in the country are praying fervently for good governance, peace and harmony in Malaysia. When you attend a church service or prayer meeting, there will always be prayer for the nation. Just recently, the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship held a national prayer rally in conjunction with Malaysia Day on September 16 after its annual 40-day fast and prayer.

Other Christian organisations have held prayer rallies, conferences and seminars as well. The Assembly of God has initiated a 24 by 7 prayer link that is ongoing. Christians are praying — like never before — for the nation.

Understandably. We are a minority in this country — less than 10% of the population — and we have apparently lost confidence in the leadership of the country– or the lack of it! That’s the reason why we are invoking divine help to make things better for us here in Malaysia. We are feeling very vulnerable in the current state of adrift where it doesn’t seem like minority interests are being protected in order to appease belligerent factions from the majority in order not to lose support.

I don’t think only minority groups are concerned. The majority of the people are concerned and I am sure other faith communities are also praying.

Praying is good. It is infinitely better than taking to the streets to create mischief rather than to protest and express legitimate demands for the good of the nation. When we pray, we become sensitive to how God wants us to approach the issue, person or thing we are praying about, according to His Word.

Most often the breakthrough occurs when we ourselves change — generally to become the solution itself. When we keep praying but we don’t change and can’t become the solution or, at least, a factor towards the solution, something is wrong with our prayer. That’s the reason why churches organise prayer conferences and seminars — to help us get ourselves in the right spirit of prayer.

When we pray correctly, we can positively influence the outcome. That is what I am waiting to see happen with the Christian politicians in government, especially those from East Malaysia: that they would act prayerfully because the outcome will be visibly good for the nation and for themselves, even if it means they will lose their current jobs. Our Lord knows how to reward faith.


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