Don Moen concert was typical, refreshing Charismatic worship!

Once in a while I will visit a different church when there’s an occasion or just to find out more about that church. Whatever church I visit, and of whatever denomination it might be, I always enjoy the service. I like the diversity in the Body of Christ and I believe that such diversity as expressed in the various denominations in Christianity is to be celebrated — not argued over to divide.

So, when I attend any church service, as long as it is Christ-centred, I get something from it. The only thing I miss is the Charismatic worship. There’s something in a Charismatic worship that sets your spirit free.

Don Moen in concert at the Calvary Convention Centre. Pic by Gertrude Pereira

Don Moen in concert at the Calvary Convention Centre. Pic by Gertrude Pereira

That was how I felt when I attended the Don Moen concert on Oct 13 at the Calvary Convention Centre. Moen needs no introduction. He is a world-famous worship leader and his songs have gone all over the globe. Moen has won many awards for his music and at the Oct 13 concert he was awarded the Brand Laureate Personality Award for inspirational Christian music worldwide. The award was also presented to his co-singer Lenny LeBlance (composer of the song Above All).

If you have heard Don Moen’s music, you will realise that his music is quite pop, plain and simple. That, perhaps, is his appeal. Anyone can relate to his music and sing along with it! Accompanied with meaningful lyrics, it makes for good worship because we can identify with what he has written and so reach out to God.

If they were just songs we sing, it wouldn’t be so worshipful. But, when we sing them in Charismatic style — in the Holy Spirit — something happens to our spirit. What it is is difficult to describe. But, we are free to worship. Our hands rise up in worship, our bodies move to the music and our thoughts turn to the words sung and, somehow, God isn’t so distant and impersonal. He is close at hand. We become so sensitive to the fact that He is, indeed, Immanuel — God with us! It’s very encouraging and comforting, even when things are going bad.

Moen delivered in typical Charismatic style. He alternated with LeBlance and all around the auditorium people sang along, on many occasions with hands lifted up. Both sang all the popular worship songs we have become so familiar with: Give Thanks, Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate, God is the Strength of My Heart, I Just Want to be Where You Are, I Worship You, Almighty God, Your Steadfast Love, Love Came Down, There’s None Like you, etc, etc. 

Charismatic worship always does something to me. I left the concert refreshed in spirit. And, I recalled how Charismatic worship helped me when I worked in the press. Fridays and Saturdays were most stressful as they were the deadline days to clear copy. I would, however, take time out on Fridays to attend the night prayer meeting. At some point in the worship, a song or a line in the lyrics would move me and I would find it easier to focus to sing and pray.

The next day, Saturday — when all deadlines have to be met — I would get down to work with a clear head and meet all the deadlines.

Charismatic worship is something else! Do try it, sometime!


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