Lord of the kings

A question, playing on my mind, distracted me for sometime because I thought there was no answer to it. I thought about it again at a quiet time, and, suddenly, the answer dawned on me.

The question was: If Jesus knew who He was when He walked on this Earth, why didn’t He write anything about what He knew? What we know of Him comes from those who walked and talked with Him who, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote all that they saw and heard. Other writers who came after Him had a supernatural encounter with Him and, again, by the Holy Spirit wrote by revelation. But, why didn’t Jesus Himself write, about Himself?

If He didn’t write anything, then, that was a fact I had to accept, although it was a disquieting thought — until I had this illumination at a quiet time.

The verse “I will write my laws on your hearts” (Ezekial 11:19, Isaiah 59:21, Psalm 37: 31, Psalm 40:8, Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrews 10: 16) came crystal clear to my mind. Throughout the Bible, while God clearly states obedience to His written word — His revealed will — He also promises that that same Law — His Word — will be written on our hearts and because of that we will not slip (Psalm 37:31) and we will not fail in doing His will (Psalm 40:8).

As new and young Christians, we see His Word as an external stimulus that we need to conform to. As we study and put His Word into practice we mature in our understanding of who He is, His expectations and, more importantly, how and whether we can respond to them. It is only when His Word is real to us from our experience of following it that it becomes internalized — written on our hearts and minds. Our motivation arises out of an inner desire rather than an external stimulus. We no longer respond to God’s Word by rote in order to conform, but we respond out of free will, out of a living and liberating relationship with Him.

When His Word is indelibly written on our hearts, we become acutely sensitive to His ways. Then, as we consider His Word, we get an insight, an understanding and/or a revelation — that is when He writes on our hearts! We know what to do and we move forward, making decisions that are consistent with His Word. We find creative ways to solve problems and overcome our difficulties because we are responding to what He is writing on our hearts, today! The Person who actually does the writing is none other than the Holy Spirit and He writes everything that is true to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His revealed will — the Bible.  As a result, we act, and in doing so, advance His will.

As we consider His Word, He will always write on our hearts, giving solutions applicable to our particular context. We hear what He is saying to us today about the issues of our lives. So, His Word is never trapped by the time period of the writers who wrote them. It is a living Word which speaks to us today in our time, in our context. It isn’t relevant only to a past time but touches our present time — because His Word is written on our hearts and influences the decisions we have to make today!

That is why He is so powerful. He moves hearts to act as He would. It’s an influence every power wants to wield — kings, rulers and leaders. When they say something, they want their subjects to respond accordingly. We may, but not necessarily because we want to. When He writes on our hearts, we move by our will because we want to.

For this reason, He is more powerful than any other force in the world. When we act according to what He is writing on our hearts today, we execute His Will.

This Christmas, this is my wish for all my readers: that His Law is written on your hearts so that He rules, always.



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I am a little left of centre 21st Century person. What all that means you'll discover as you read my blog!
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