Help some Syrian Christian refugees

I got a request from a longtime friend which I would like to share with you because it involves people close to  my heart — refugees.

Nate Mirza, who works with the Navigators (a Christian para-church organisation) in the United States, rarely sends me appeals for funds. This is one of the few times he has, and, I took note because it involves refugees, and, in this case, specifically, Syrian Christian refugees. He sent the request on behalf of a colleague who gives leadership to the work in helping Syrian Christian refugees in the Middle East.

The appeal is for a sum of U$ 20,000 to help in meeting the material, medical and spiritual needs of these refugees. Some of the money would also be used to set up small businesses to help the refugees become self-supporting and to be in a position to help others.

This Christmas, if you want to give to a worthy cause, this is one of them. These refugees have been violently displaced from their countries and whatever help we give will go a long way to help them live and practise their faith.

Whatever help you give will be more than welcome! I think a minimum US$ 10 is a reasonable contribution to start with. You can send your cheques to: The Navigators, P.O. Box 6079, Albert Lea*, MN 56007-6679, Designated to ME Project account # 87155.

(*Please note: Albert Lea is not a person, but a place in Minnesota. I made a mistake when I first published this post. I have since corrected and updated the post.)

If, however, sending a cheque is a hassle and you’d like to do an online transaction, please send an email to so that I can acknowledge your request and give you the details to make the contribution. In this way, both sides will have records of the transaction.

I, really, am not one who likes to collect money from people but I am making an exception here because of the urgent and current need of the refugees involved. I hope we can make a meaningful contribution to help these Syrian Christian refugees.



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