A good first-time effort!

I made an appeal for funds for Syrian Christian refugees in the Middle East before Christmas. The response was ziltch! I, of course, was going to make a contribution whether or not anyone else was. Then, I decided to talk to a few people, and a small group of us was able to raise about RM 6,000!

The money has been sent to The Navigators US who are channeling the money to their staff working on the ground with refugees in the Middle East.

I really want to thank all of you who contributed. I didn’t have to persuade, you gave from your heart. I was especially encouraged by one friend (she, representing a bunch of people, wants to remain anonymous) who was the only one who responded to my appeal without me having to talk with her about it! Thank you, dear friend!

For people struggling, money is essential. It will be much-needed help for the refugees for whom the money was intended.

Raising the money was one thing. But, what truly encouraged me was the spirit with which people gave. I didn’t have to go for the overkill; they understood the need and everyone gave out of a generous heart! What we collected from just a small group of us is, indeed, a commendable effort!

The entire sum collected was sent to The Navigators. Next time, however, I’ll make deductions from the sum collected for bank charges for fund transfers. This will facilitate easy and immediate transfers of money.

I’m going to make this an annual Christmas affair! Raise some funds for at risk communities! Last Christmas it was for Christian refugees in the Middle East. This Christmas, it might be for another group — Bangladeshis or Filipinos thrashed by some typhoon or volcano or groups of children in Africa vulnerable to regional violence. Like a friend says, there are more causes than funds!

Sometime in October or November, I’ll send out an appeal for funds for a specific cause on this blog. If the response is good, I’ll set up a system on my blog for easy deposit of funds and where every deposit will be acknowledged — more on this, later.

Meanwhile, those of you who are interested in participating in this effort can start saving and/or talking to family members, relatives, neighbours, whoever to keep aside some money for people who urgently need it. The more donors we have, the better! Let’s see how it goes.

Happy New Year to all!


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