Sometimes, the few know better

There really is nothing much to add to what is happening in Malaysia. People can see for themselves what is going on. My only concern is that they won’t forget and when the time comes, they will find the courage to do the right thing.

The natural tendency is to go along with the majority because of the immediate benefits one gets. But, it may not be the best thing in the long run. The Academy Award nominated movie, The Big Short, captures this point very well. The movie is about the housing mortgage collapse in the United States several years ago, which affected nearly every economy in the world.

A few people, well versed with the workings of housing mortgage loans in the US, discovered that it was a fraudulent system and, having a conscience, tried to expose it. But, the people they spoke to — who were fully aware of what was going on — about it either dismissed them “because they didn’t have a choice” or were too busy enjoying the good life with the easy money they got from going along with the system to take them seriously. In the end, the system collapsed, affecting millions and nobody assumed responsibility for it. But, the few people who saw where the system was heading, hedged themselves against it and made millions when the crunch finally came.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this financial debacle as portrayed in the movie. A few people saw how it would end but the majority ignored them and in the end the majority suffered.

Sometimes, when a few voices are stridently calling attention to an issue, it makes sense to take note and consider what they have to say. They may just be a few voices, but they may be able to see what most miss. Ignoring, dismissing or even silencing them may eventually turn out to be to our detriment.



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