The need to see through the political game

There was this article recently that said that over eight in 10 respondents on a Twitter poll said they support the implementation of hudud in Malaysia. The week-long survey was conducted by Asia’s top debater, Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman, and it received a total of 22,304 votes.

The young debater said that those who support hudud say it is God’s law and if you don’t support it, you will rot in hell. Based on the responses, he said that support for hudud may not be grounded in facts.

I wonder if these supporters of hudud really studied the Koran and formed their convictions based on the Holy Book or whether they just listened to their religious leaders’ interpretations and obeyed as was expected of them? I just wonder. Just as there are those who support hudud, there are many Muslims who don’t. I know some of them and they are very good Muslims, who can’t be faulted for their beliefs.

Those who support hudud tend to be more conservative and less inclined to think independently of what they have been taught. Those who don’t support it are more secure in their beliefs and see their religion as having a better face than its punitive aspects. I wonder if more Muslims were encouraged to study the Koran and to question their leaders, would they support the introduction of hudud? I wonder.

People need to realise that PAS’ Private Member’s Bill is a political ploy — to gauge support for its cause. If it is a political issue, then, it is not a religious obligation to vote for it. Introducing the bill was to keep alive PAS’ Islamic cause on the expectation that Muslims mustn’t vote against what is deemed as unIslamic. The fact that they succeeded to table the bill for debate won brownie points for PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang. His credibility has been enhanced, but, really at what price?

We need to be wary of politicians and leaders and read their intentions correctly if we are not to be manipulated by those who have the power to influence us.


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