O, for some truth!

Reading the local media, I sometimes wonder what is the truth. One media will report what this person said and another media will respond what another person said. But, what is the truth?

Why do our media just report? I don’t know why the media even carry such reports. This person said that that person is such and such. This will be followed by a rebuttal by the person accused in the first report. And, it goes on and on.

Where is the proof of truth? Journalists should know better than simply regurgitating what one person said and then regurgitating the rebuttal. It’s what we call yellow journalism, yet day in and day out, that’s the kind of news we get.

It’s no wonder why a number of people I know don’t take the news seriously. Perhaps there are more such people and that, perhaps, is the reason for Malaysian apathy. Maybe, people are just tired of hearing one-sided views and not knowing what really is the truth, they don’t take sides.

If people really don’t know the truth, the blame is entirely on the media; they have not done their job well to present the truth based on facts.

And, that’s the reason why I am all-out for reforms in this nation. The first thing that should be reformed is the media. They should be free from political manipulation and simply report the facts and describe the context within which it happened.

People would then get a truer picture of current news and be more willing to make well-informed decisions

A sign of a well-informed society is a free and responsible media. To become a truly developed nation, we first need a media which engages in truth-telling. We may not achieve absolute truth but if the process is to attain it we usually achieve some measure of it.



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I am a little left of centre 21st Century person. What all that means you'll discover as you read my blog!
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