La La Land is here

If you are looking for an entertaining movie, then, I would recommend La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It’s a lightweight movie, meaning you won’t have to think too much, but it has enough content to keep you involved while enjoying the musical interludes and dance routines.

La La Land, by the way, is the nickname for Los Angeles and specifically, Hollywood, and the dreamy state it is associated with. The movie explores love between two people and how it helps each discover themselves and their dreams. In pursuit of their dreams, they begin to see how it gradually disintegrates their dreamlike love as they deal with the reality of their choices.

It’s a musical, light and entertaining and the genre is used to highlight the human need to dream and have those dreams come true, which, like the film world, is make-believe. The reality is something else, harder to accept but true and fraught with problems and, perhaps, just as good.

The movie is a musical right to the end and that takes the sting out of the reality. Life is like that, isn’t it? Full of problems, but there’s a song and dance that plays through it, which lifts our spirits and encourages us to the end, doesn’t it?

Enjoy the movie!



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