Back in journalism

FMT news editor Sean Augustin (middle, back row) and assistant news editor for BM Hafiizh Mokhtar (seated) with newsdesk staff on a night shift.

The best thing that happened to me this year, so far, is that I got to go back to journalism. I got a part-time job with the news portal, FreeMalaysiaToday, which was set up in 20o9.

FMT is a young and bold news portal making a difference in Malaysian life. It is staffed with young people and a few senior staff (like myself!) and carries news daily, updating throughout the day.

It’s simply great getting back to the field I was trained for and experienced in. It’s the young people now who are defining and interpreting news as the old hands take a back seat. But, what I like most about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experience to the up and coming generation.

The staff are a nice bunch of people to work with as you can see from the picture!

An additional benefit is that I work from home! It is a neat arrangement that takes the stress out of work! So, I hope to give my best in terms of skills, experience and knowledge.

So, folks, now that you know where I work, feel free to send any news or tip-offs, statements and notices to Even better, visit the FMT site, get addicted to the news we deliver and engage in the comment section.

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