In general elections mode

In the wake of fake news and bad news, the best news I heard today is Umno’s expression of its readiness for the 14th General Elections at its 71st anniversary bash. It means that the 14thGE is imminent.

For me, the 14thGE will be a watershed in the history of this nation — if the people choose to vote wisely, for the good of the nation and not for parochial reasons.

This elections will show clearly what the bumiputras want, whether they support the incumbent leadership or they will abandon it altogether. The non-bumiputras have already given up on the ruling coalition. They are mostly with the opposition and it is likely it will remain there.

So, the people to watch are the bumiputras. They form the majority in Malaysia and only they can bring about a change. Already a large number is in the opposition. It’s the vote of the rest that will determine the new government.

Like many other Malaysians, I’m praying and hoping that in the coming elections, they will vote decisively and put a stop to all the nonsense we have had to put up with these past 8 years.

If they give the opposition, Pakatan Harapan, the chance to rule, it will be the best thing for Malaysia. The level of corruption that has become the norm, the fanatical fundamental religious extremism, the lack of well thought of properly executed policies and this drifting along on the strength of previously built fundamentals will come to an end and we can breathe again and hope for a better, inclusive nation for all her citizens.

I’m not saying PH will be great leaders but they will establish laws and policies which will prevent the excesses of the past, and, that, will, definitely be good for the nation.

So, folks, as citizens, let’s do our part. Let’s start talking with everyone to influence the vote to benefit the people most!

It’s we on the ground, both here in the Peninsula and East Malaysia, who are going to make the difference.

Viva, ordinary people!


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