Richie’s King Arthur is worth a watch

Having some extra time on my hands, I caught the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, directed by Guy Ritchie, who was also one of its producers. I don’t know why it got such not so great reviews, but I think it is an entertaining movie and worth the time and money you spend on it.

It has an interesting plot telling how Arthur’s parents are killed as a child and he ends up being raised in a brothel. Grown-up, he is able to pull out his father’s sword from stone and eventually comes to terms with who he is. The plot is a familiar story but with enough twists and turns, to keep you involved in the movie.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is also a reasonably non-sexist movie and non-stereotypic. There are many characters of men and women in significant roles, with none dominating the rest.

You won’t see needless flesh in this movie. While there is a woman with the potential to become Arthur’s love interest, she plays a key role in influencing his ascension to the throne as an independent, gifted woman rather than one who uses guile and charm to achieve her ends.

The movie also features a couple of non-whites with very white names, but they add colour and a multi-culturalism to that era, even if it weren’t historically accurate!

It’s a movie where you can sit back and enjoy the fresh take on a familiar story as the plot unveils at an even pace with quick action-packed scenes and pretty good acting. Charlie Hunnan is a big handsome hunk as Arthur the inexperienced, pitted against his highly trained and power-crazed, cruel uncle, King Vortigen, played by Jude Law.

All in, it is an enjoyable movie and one you can take your whole family to. I don’t know about the critics, but I found it pleasantly entertaining and worth the RM10 I paid for a Wednesday show!


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