Subang Jaya’s LakeView Club is now open to the public

I recently discovered that the LakeView Sports Club in Subang Jaya, tucked away between the Dorsett Hotel and the Holiday Villa is now open to the public.

My membership in LakeView expired last year and couldn’t be renewed because the club’s future was uncertain as it sits on leased land. For a year I was without a place to go swimming, and, I found my midriff slowly but surely expanding!

Had to find a place to swim and checked out a few places. Subang Jaya has one public pool at the 3K premises. It has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and probably the only public indoor pool in the Klang Valley. A few people complained that the water was cold (because it’s an indoor pool), but it was ok with me because I swim non-stop for an hour and so I didn’t feel it.

It is clean and well-kept but has only a few shower cubicles and it doesn’t have a place to keep your things while you are in the shower. The one-time I went there, one user was distraught because she had lost her clothes! The showers, too, don’t have ledges to place your shower things.

I found that inconvenient and didn’t go again although it is very cheap to use, only RM 2 plus GST for a two-hour session. It also has an only-for-women session on Wednesdays from 4-8.

Really missing swimming, I was at a loss for want of a convenient place. Last week, I decided that I would call my old club — LakeView — and see if I could work out some sort of a paid arrangement with them to use the pool. Calling them, I found out that the club was open to the public.

It is open to the public from 1 to 9pm and the facilities can be used for a fee. Other than the swimming pool, it has four tennis courts, several squash courts, a gym, a bar lounge, a TV room and a snooker room. It also has a Kampung Ku restaurant whose food is quite good. And a dive school is also located at its premises.

It is also very clean and well-kept and has more shower stalls than the 3K, and they have ledges to keep your things. The shower rooms also have several benches to keep your clothes. It also has a sauna.

The rates vary for the different facilities. It costs RM6 per entry to use the swimming pool. More expensive that the 3K, but it is not crowded because, I think, not many people know it is open to the public.

When I went swimming, there was only one other person swimming, although one half of the pool was used by the dive school to train its divers.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

So, Subang Jaya folks, here’s a place to go to for a good workout!




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2 Responses to Subang Jaya’s LakeView Club is now open to the public

  1. Fee Lip Lee Photography says:

    hi there. would like to ask if you know how much to book a tennis court there?


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