Speedy resolution brings healing

Recently, a friend passed on. She wasn’t close to me but we chatted once in a while and I knew she had a need that was not met. I felt sad that she died without fulfilling her need and wondered if she came to terms with it before she died.

It brought to mind a number of people who did not get what they want and have resigned themselves to their “fate”. If they have come to terms with it, it’s not a concern because they would have moved on and be fulfilled in spite of not getting what they want.

But, they haven’t moved on and though resigned there is a cry in their hearts that no one hears, but God does, and, perhaps, that’s why I’m writing this post — that we’ll not ignore that cry of brokenness.

I’m glad my friend is now in a happy place, but, it would have been nice if we who knew her could have helped her come to terms with her “loss” so that she went to meet her Maker with peace in her heart. Maybe, she was at peace over that matter. I don’t know. But, I do know there are countless others who are not, and unless those issues which wrench their hearts are resolved, they will go to their graves with the stifled cry of unresolvedness.

Unresolvedness, prolonged over time, affects more people and causes more heartaches and headaches.

And, those of us who have in our power to do something to alleviate their pain will in some way have to answer for our gross insensitivity to that pain if we don’t act to help relieve it.

I think one of the kindest acts we can do for people is to help them resolve the nagging issues in their lives that cause a heaviness that just won’t go away.

As we grow older, it is imperative that those issues are resolved because time is short and if we can help in bringing about that deep inner peace that results from resolution, that would be a great blessing and deeply comforting act of love as we send them — and ourselves — to meet our Maker.

It’s not going to be easy resolving an issue that has dragged on for years, decades and even a lifetime. Trust, belief and faith would have been broken among the parties involved. Hurt and pain would have accumulated and the sufferers will always be doubtful of the good intentions of the people — whether intentionally or not — who caused that pain.

They will never be sure if these “sources of pain” have their interests at heart, or their own. And, they may not want to have anything to do with us.

If love compels us, we will, nevertheless, reach out to them. We will find a way to communicate our desire to resolve and bring about healing. It requires courage and will to confront the issues and act to resolve.

If it is in our power to do this, then, we must. And, waste no more time.

That really is the message of this post. If issues and needs have been brought to our attention, we should attend to them immediately. We shouldn’t say, “I’ll do this after that happens.” No, if the issues have been expressed, they need to be addressed urgently and immediately.

There’s no time to lose. Time is short. Resolution must be immediate for healing to happen and to stop more from getting hurt.


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I am a little left of centre 21st Century person. What all that means you'll discover as you read my blog!
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