Waking up to the rain

It was nice this morning waking up to the sound of rainfall. As my eyes opened sleepily, the first thing I heard was the clatter of raindrops hitting the roof and the ground. It wasn’t a hard thrashing of rainfall but a strong even fall that kept me attentive to it, while I lay in bed, snug under warm covers, enjoying the luxury of sleeping in!

Usually, it rains before or after I wake up, and, I don’t take further notice of it except to make a mental note that it’s raining and then I’m rushing from one thing to another and don’t enjoy the weather!

But, today is the weekend and I didn’t have to rush and I let the fall of rain lull me into a tranquil state of contemplation. The past few months were hectic and a major adjustment having taken on a new job. I was tired and unsettled. But, lying in bed this morning, the rainfall soothed slightly frayed nerves.

Rain has this effect on me. It calms me down. If you are caught in one of KL city’s famous flash floods caused by rains, you’d probably want to clobber me for wanting rain! For me, however, I would choose a cloudy, rain-soaked day any time to a scorching, hot and bothering, temperature-rising and hitting 95°F sunny day!

When the temperature is about 84°F, it is pleasant and comfortable to stay indoors and enjoy home!

Today was one of those days. All morning, I was thinking of the luxury of a rush-free life! How nice if the days were leisurely! If I could laze through the day, doing the meals and chores, reading, going for walks and swimming, chatting with neighbours, planning for travel with good company. (I don’t travel unless I have good company!) Hmmm…. maybe, it’s time to start planning for retirement!


About Gertrude

I am a little left of centre 21st Century person. What all that means you'll discover as you read my blog!
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