Best Divali news: Now everyone can get married … !

Apart from the Divali (Deepavali) celebrations, the Indian community apparently was abuzz over Air Asia boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ marriage to his South Korean girlfriend, Chloe. Comments were flying over the net and off whats app groups.

There were even more comments when a picture of the newly-wed couple having a banana leaf meal somewhere in the Klang Valley made the rounds. In good-spirited fun, the comments were really funny: Now, Air Asia will make banana leaf rice popular in South Korea! Marry budget airline boss, you get budget lunch next day! Can’t take the Indian out of him — in reference to him having a banana leaf meal!

But, to me, the best line was “Now everyone can get married!” Haha! What an appropriate takeoff on the Air Asia slogan, Now everyone can fly. Some people say it with just a slight undertone of sarcasm but I say it with delight. Fernandes’ blazed the trail in adding a dash of glamour to budget travel. Now, he may be adding a dash of glamour to getting married — or remarried — later in life!

The choices are plenty to find a partner: the old (who now like Fernandes’ are the baby boomers who live it up at whatever age!), the middle-aged, the young (as long as they are adults), the brown, the yellow, the black, the white, the rich, the poor, the middle-class, the smart, the not-so-smart, the whatever …. !

There’s plenty to choose from. So, those of us who are still unmarried (even if very happily!), we may still have a chance — if that’s what we want. The point is it can happen — even later in life — as it happened to the Air Asia boss. He’s not the only one who broke the age barrier to get married late. It’s just another example that the hope of a happy, satisfying marriage can open up for us at whatever age or circumstance!

It was a piece of good news that added to the celebration of Light.

So, Tan Sri, if you happen to be surfing the Net and stumble upon this post, “Congrats on getting married!” And, thanks, for giving the rest of us something to think about! All in jest! Best wishes! You made our Divali!

Happy Deepavali, everyone!




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