It rains heavily but the roads are a breeze to drive through!

The rain is beating down hard on us, but the roads during the off-peak traffic jam hours are relatively easy to drive through! Usually, when I drive on any day at any time in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, traffic is fairly heavy and there would be a jam somewhere along the way. When it rains, we’d get stuck in rain-slowed traffic or a flash flood.

These days, however, despite the rain, it’s a breeze driving around during the off-peak hours! Why? Because it’s exams time! SPM and STPM students are mugging or are in examination halls. The roads are relatively free without them and their parents driving them to and from school!

With the students off the roads, travelling time is cut from 10 mins to 20 mins depending on the route and destination. Everywhere I go, I reach my destination 5 to 10 mins earlier! Sometimes, even sooner!

This only goes to show that the traffic woes in the Klang Valley can be solved if we can find a way to mass move students to and from school. Perhaps, the state governments need to take over the transport of students to and from schools. They should set up a large fleet of buses to serve students in the vicinity of every school. This would cut down on the number of private cars on the roads and ease traffic jams.

I’m sure somebody in government would have thought about this. So far, nothing concrete has materialized. Perhaps, it requires the will and a dedicated team to make it happen.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy driving around during this holiday season during the off-peak periods! Make up for all those frustrating times rushing to beat traffic jams!


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