It’s Christmastime again …

I know Christmastime is here when “snowflakes” start falling across the screen of this blog! The design of this blog incorporates this feature and the “snow” starts falling every December, starting on the 1st and ending a week into the new year. If you visit my blog you’ll see it.

I always smile when it starts “snowing” on my blog because it’s a happy reminder that the Christmas season is here. Like many people all over the world, it’s the happiest season of the year for me — a time to enjoy the people around me.

When  Dec 1 comes, I switch the Christian music I play every morning to Christmas music! I like to listen to Christian music (not Christian rock!), the soothing worshipful kind, in the mornings because I like to bathe my mind with soothing sounds that help to rejuvenate it. In that frame of mind, like Christians all over the world, I have my quiet time, sometimes short and sometimes long, depending on the time I have. After that, I’m ready to take on the day!

I turn on Mix FM and do everything else that I have and want to do for the rest of the day and it’s always a good day! Even with problems!

At Christmastime, it’s the same. But the Christmas music gets me in the mood of Christmas, at the hope that the birth of Christ promises which we celebrate with such great festivity.

It’s also the end of the year and the school holidays are upon us so we are more relaxed to have fun with family and friends. Christmas gives a good reason to catch up with friends over coffee or tea and stollen bread or cake in the ambience of Christmas decor.

My friends and I can chat for hours on the year that went by and talk about what we want to do or hope for in the coming year. Sometimes, there’ll be friends or relatives who may have grown distant for one reason or another, and, it’s usually a time when we call them up to make amends. Because we acknowledge it’s the season for reconciliation, we often respond to the initiative, and things get better.

Then, when Christmas day comes, it’s reserved for family. I usually spend Christmas with my eldest brother and his family who converge at his house from all over. My nieces and nephews have their own families and it’s nice to see their children all over the place and playing together. Their numbers are growing, and I’m always broke after Christmas from buying presents for my “little relatives”!

Then, after dinner, we sit around opening presents and just chatting. It really is a wonderful time of the year.

As you can tell, my pleasures for Christmas are simple but joyful. It wasn’t like this for a very long time. So, I know how miserable one can get at Christmas. The realities we are in can suck dry whatever hope the season promises. But, I got through and have come to this point where I can enjoy the simple but real pleasures of Christmas.

If you are at that point, don’t give up hope. Just enjoy whatever you can of the season. There’s something about this season that tugs at something deep within you. Let it stir you; it will help you through and one day you, too, will enjoy the full meaning of Christmas.

Enjoy the season!



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