Gong Xi Fa Cai! Drive safe on British coffee and Swizz pastries!

There was a sputtering of crackling firecrackers at midnight to usher in the Year of the Dog and then everything went quiet! It seems like Malaysians have lost the festive sense of setting off loud firecrackers! Everything is just like another day! Maybe, Malaysians now like to spend their festive season out of the country or out of town.

The later tradition of “balikĀ kampung” — of driving back home and the next day driving to the spouse’s home — is still carrying on. The porches on my street are without the cars usually parked there and there are many car-empty spaces on the grass verges in front of houses.

People are out driving back to the family homes! It really is a Malaysian tradition we should cherish. But, drive safe.

If you are a Shell driver, do try out its in-station Deli2go. Shell has the local franchise for Britain’s Costa coffee, which, I must say, is quite good. You get a good size tumbler of coffee for under RM10 without milk and it is strong enough to keep you alert at the wheels for close to four hours — well, that’s how long it kept me awake!

When you are travelling, you shouldn’t have a full meal (or, so, I’m told). Eat a small solid meal before you start on your drive and, for a snack, take a pick from Deli2go’s assortment of pastries. Swizz gourmet bakery Hiestand supplies the pre-cooked pastries which are baked in Hiestand ovens at the Shell petrol stations. So, you’ll be getting good, fresh stuff to go with your coffee!

I tried both the coffee and the pastries and was quite taken up by the fact that you can get cafe-style good coffee and pastries at your nearest Shell station!

It seems Shell stations are renovating to include a small section for its Deli2go. It has begun with the petrol stations in the Klang Valley, with some giving it considerable space for an al fresco cafe! The attendant at the Shell station where I fuel up said that Deli2go is expected to be available at Shell stations nationwide in time.

Drivers now have no reason to fall asleep at the wheels!

So, folks, if you are going on a long drive home this Chinese New Year season, get a good night’s sleep before you leave and take a break at a Shell station for some coffee and a snack, both of which I’m sure will perk you up and keep you alert for the rest of the drive home or to any other destination!

Enjoy your drive!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, all! Have an enjoyable festive weekend!


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