Calling out to the more than 14m eligible to vote: Please vote!

Coming back from my Turkey holiday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that more and more people seem to be getting involved in the run-up to the 14th general election (GE14). I hope it is a sign that fence sitters are making a stand and, I hope, it is for change.

Messages from hitherto very quiet people have been flying about in cyberspace and urging others to get involved in counting votes or to vote. The usual media sources, of course, have always been active in giving much space to pre-election stories.

It’s nice to see that now others are getting involved in the public discussion. In GE13, about 2 million registered voters didn’t vote although the last general election showed the highest voter turnout of about 80% in any election so far.

According to today’s NST, there are 14,806,185 registered voters under the Election Commission who will be eligible to vote. This is more than the 13.3 million registered voters in the last general election.

I’m hoping that voter turnout will be even higher in GE14. The people must show that they are not going to sit around apathetically and let others decide the destiny of this country. Everyone who can vote must vote and state clearly they want change.

If you are a registered voter, I urge you NOT to pass up this only opportunity we have now for a change for a better government.  The opportunity we have in GE14 will not come again. Let’s vote and make it count for a better Malaysia.

Let’s get every voter to exercise his or her suffrage. Call, email or sms them and even take them to the voting centres! Talk to them. Let’s all vote for a better Malaysia!


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