Nice to be part of a big thing like GE14

It’s nice to be part of a good, big thing like the 14th general elections (GE14)! Malaysians from all walks of life are rallying together to get people to vote, sign up as polling and counting agents (paca), provide transport and sponsor transport to hometowns so that every Malaysian voter will exercise his and her right to vote.

WhatsApp groups are also very active. My WhatsApp groups are often hitting up with all sorts of messages and videos encouraging people to vote for change. Some analysts say that it’s the WhatsApp that is the main media that is swinging votes to the opposition since the mainstream media are totally serving their ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) masters.

What is new with WhatsApp messages this time around is that I am getting opinion pieces by Malays who are predicting a Malay tsunami in voting for the opposition’s Pakatan Harapan (PH).

At this juncture, all the analyses and opinion pieces are conjecture. Until the votes are counted, we won’t know for sure what the people want. Trends, however, seem to indicate that BN’s ruling Malay party, Umno, is losing support from its traditional rural base. A very hopeful PH is hoping to win at least 100 parliamentary seats in Peninsular Malaysia to form a government by inviting the East Malaysian parties to join them.

People are hopeful and giving their very best to ensure change.

I also received a few pictures on What’sApp on the dismal attendance at BN functions in Putrajaya and Teluk Intan. Though I don’t want BN to win, I was sad to see people abandoning the party that had led this nation to Merdeka. Sad it has come to this: People turning their backs on a once-great party. The only reason for this is this: corruption.

The new hope is to set this nation free from the clutches of corruption and on the road to an honest, hard-working recovery that will ensure equitable distribution of wealth while recognizing merit.

Should PH win, I hope there’ll be no witchhunt. Whether Umno or BN or PH supporters, we are all Malaysians and should be treated with utmost respect. If there’s evidence of wrongdoing, take the people involved to court and let the law take its course. But, Umno supporters should not be penalised. They should be helped like every other citizen of this country.


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