GE14 — when the people saved Malaysia

What a week it has been! I’m so glad I was a part of it, like millions of Malaysians! From nomination day to voting day on May 9, the world saw how each one of us did the little we could to make a difference through the 14th general elections (GE14). We urgently ensured that the message to vote for change kept going from one handphone to another. Some of us signed up for polling and counting agent (Paca) training. Many travelled back from far and near to vote, with some forking out the money for others to fly home. Collectively, it was one great united effort by Malaysians of all backgrounds which on May 9 toppled a 61-year-old powerful regime known for corruption. We made history!

We, really, are the stars of GE14! Whether it was the rural or urban voter, the Malay,  Sabahan, Sarawakian, Chinese, Indian or any other Malaysian voter, with one mind, we delivered the mandate to Pakatan Harapan with overwhelming support. We set aside our differences and voted simply as Malaysians. It is a good feeling!

There were those moments of tension when the Election Commission (EC) delayed the announcement of the election results but finally did in the wee hours of Thursday morning and later when we had to wait for hours before Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was finally sworn in as the 7th prime minister of Malaysia. When that ceremony was over by 10.30pm, what great relief!

Soon after, I heard firecrackers go off in my neighbourhood! Some folks celebrating the dawn of a new era in government!

I really couldn’t understand the delays we had to go through. When the people have spoken through the vote, the effort must be to execute their will with speed not delay, especially when it involves their choice of the prime minister and elected officials and formation of the government.

Well, that’s behind us now. We can look forward to a new government to institute reforms to ensure the independence and integrity of our institutions so that they do not lapse in their duty to the people as in the case of the EC in GE14. And, if they do, they will be held accountable.

I also want to see the new government upholding the rights of minorities and ensuring that they are fairly treated.

We, of course, will be watching, allowing them to make mistakes as they learn to govern in the best interests of the people and seeing them get better and better at it. And, of course, when they consistently fail to perform, we will just as easily install another coalition in government!

The new government has a lot of work to do, and, under the able leadership of Tun, we wish them our prayers and best wishes. I hope Tun will get all the support he needs and consideration will be given on account of his age. May all benefit from his insights, understanding and experience and learn fast so that he can call it a day in the confidence that others can easily take over.

I just have one piece of advice for the leaders in the new government: Fear God and act accordingly.

Personally, I just want to thank God for answering not just my prayers but the prayers of millions of people in this country and around the globe. He showed His hand and, through Tun’s leadership, the ground moved! We rallied behind him as one united nation and changed our destiny!

I’ll continue to pray for leaders and others but the specific purpose I felt I had to pray for Tun as a result of my dreams (see previous post) is fulfilled. As far as Tun is concerned, my job is done!

God bless Malaysia!



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