It’s human nature to do unto others what we don’t want them to do to us

A report on polygamy in the papers recently gives a quick glimpse of how people, no matter what their political, social, economic or religious hues, will ultimately act according to their nature.

The story was on two Canadian polygamists who were sentenced to house arrest in Ottawa. I’m totally against polygamy — for myself. For me I’m either Number 1 and the only Number 1 or nothing at all! But, I digress.

What I don’t understand is why Canada — a supposedly modern, progressive nation that has sanctioned same sex marriages and where minorities have the right to live according to their cultural contexts — has NOT thrown out the 130-year-old law to ban polygamy.

To me, it smacks of hypocrisy. On the one hand, the country accommodates minority concerns like that of the gay community, but makes another minority community’s choices illegal. Its argument is that polygamy has “inherent harms”. Harms? Their wives are not complaining. So, where’s the harm?

Some people would also argue that same sex marriages have “inherent harms” but that would make lawmakers in Canada and other modern Western democracies extremely unpopular and they may lose their votes. Worst still, they would be silenced as being out of step with the current realities of freedom of sex and multi-culturalism.

It’s quite clear that in modern-day Western democracies, the current fashionable whipping dogs are the conservatives, who are seen as aligned with all the ways that threaten the liberties modern Westerners currently enjoy — free sex and multi-culturalism.

It is similar to the case of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, USA by the owner who said the reason was because Sanders worked for the President of the United States (POTUS). The owner further explained that the restaurant had gays and other minorities working there and they were uncomfortable with Sanders’ presence and called her about it. As a result she asked Sanders to leave.

Doesn’t this also smack of hypocrisy? Liberals accuse conservatives of discrimination against blacks and minority groups but they do the same to others?

This is just human nature. When you are fighting for your rights you can stand on the high moral ground of what is right and what is just in terms of public policy. You can argue that everyone deserves to be treated equally under the law. Definitely. That involves everyone, including conservatives, and those you don’t agree with!

If you own a place, you have the right to ask someone to leave — only if they misbehave or commit a crime. You don’t ask a customer to leave just because you don’t like him or her. In Sanders’ case, she was asked to leave because some of the workers there felt insecure because she represents a president who is supported by the conservative agenda.

The root cause is insecurity, not the fear of discrimination. She represented a threat to who they are and their lifestyles. Commendably, she left without a fuss.

It is human nature, when we are insecure, to assert ourselves to make ourselves feel more secure. That’s when we do all sorts of things to make ourselves more secure. Usually, we will do it to other people; we ourselves won’t change or stop ourselves from acting in the same way we accuse others of.

That’s human nature, I suppose.


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