After 100 days, still a long way to go

After 100 days in office, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government has received mixed ratings. Some say they did fairly well. Some said they still haven’t fully delivered on their promises. And, some say they could do more.

Personally, I think the PH government did just fine. The biggest benefit they gave the people is the peace, stability and continuity of government. We no longer wake up to a shock at what the government or its leaders did! No more kidnappings and killings in mysterious circumstances or people being blown up in strange circumstances!

No, no! Life is blissfully stress-free where national government, leadership and politics are concerned. I hope I’m not speaking too soon! But, it is nice to wake up to a new day in Malaysia and not think about what the government and its leaders are up to!

The people have placed their trust in the new Cabinet to ensure a corruption-free government and one which will deliver for the good of the people.

Already there are a couple of positive developments such as: a line-up of clean and capable leaders; a resolve to expose 1MDB; abolition of GST and a three-month break before SST is introduced; EPF contributions for housewives; better broadband and Internet services; the abolition of BTN (Biro Tatanegara/The National Civics Bureau).

These are commendable short-term efforts, but, what I am waiting for are the long-term real benefits like a better standard of living for the bottom 40% of the population and — definitely — a better health service so that the majority of Malaysians have access to a high-quality of medical care and to good medicines, free or subsidized at government hospitals.

I am also waiting for reforms to be introduced through the amendments of laws. These will take a much longer time but, I hope, work has already started to realise these objectives.

The ministers may be hampered by a behemoth of a government entrenched by six decades of Umno culture and rule. It will take time to change that mindset but that is also the reason the new ministers were installed — to retrain civil servants to put the people first and get the work done. It will take time but it can be done.

What I would like to see more is the effort to introduce reforms, improve the B40 group and better delivery of health services. The ministers in charge should start work on these and waste no more time so that we see they are working at achieving their goals. That is not very apparent now. If work gets started, it is only a matter of time before we see the results.

Surely, we can expect much more good things to come!


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