Exercise, set goals, do good, hug and be happy!

A recently published Gallup poll suggests that world happiness levels are at their lowest ebb in over a decade. While the top 10 happiest nations remain more or less the same, the lower ranking countries are more unhappy now than a decade ago.

Finland is the happiest nation, followed by Norway and then Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia at No 10. 

All the top 10 nations scored high values for the six most important variables to support well-being:  income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.

The United States, despite its great wealth, fell four spots from last year to No 18. Wealth alone clearly isn’t the criteria for happiness!

The disturbing trend in the Gallup survey was the fact that more people were stressed out and feeling pain, worry, anger and sadness. Gallup surveyed over 154,000 people in 146 countries and said the global mood was at its gloomiest since its first survey in 2006.

The saddest nations are in Africa with the Central African Nation the saddest, followed by Iraq. However, the survey also said that people in wealthier nations were unhappier now than before. It said that more than half the Americans they interviewed were more stressed now than before.

This is a gloomy forecast of the state of humanity! But, someone sent me an anonymous post in a whatsapp group that tells you how to be happy and I must share it here because I think it works!

The gist of the note is that our happiness depends on four hormones: endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin and how we can raise their levels in our bodies to be happier!

For more endorphins, exercise. For more dopamine, accomplish something like goals, big or small. For more serotonin, do good deeds — give back to your community or nature. For more oxytocin, hug someone or give a warm handshake.

In all of the above, we feel good doing these things because the hormone levels go up. 

It’s a simple solution to being happy! Let’s practise it!


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