Some prices are down, Happy Deepavali!

In the past month, I noticed that the prices of some products have dropped in some places. I don’t know if the price drop is across the board but in certain shops, the price lists show the change. At one of the supermarkets where I shop, the discounted items have increased and they are always snapped up!

This is true of a number of the less expensive products. From my observations, there has been no change in the price of the more expensive products. So, some of the price changes are related to the cheaper goods. If this is a result of the change from the GST to the SST, it should augur well for the low-income groups. It is coming at the right time for those who celebrate Deepavali!

I usually give the lady who has been cleaning my house for more than 25 years a bonus for Deepavali — which she celebrates — and Christmas — which I celebrate! But, this year, since there were a number of goods on discount I bought them and made a nice food hamper for her. She happily took it home!

I hope the Budget, which will be announced today will give the low-income groups some good reasons to be happy. Those who can afford it are still able to adjust their lifestyles to cost-cutting measures but the poor should be spared.

For the rest of us, lowering our standard somewhat, won’t kill us! Tightening our belts now may be necessary for future benefits and success.

Hopefully, the small signs of price drops here and there foretell of better things to come. I hope this first Pakatan Harapan Budget will sow the seeds for a healthy rejuvenation of the economy. We can wait and look forward to it happening!

In the meantime, we can enjoy the little perks we get along the way in the hope that one day the perks will change to real economic upliftment for all strata of society.

In true Malaysian style, Happy Deepavali to all!


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