Have the police stopped policing the highways?

Since GE14, I have noticed that more and more motorcyclists don’t seem to be using the dedicated lanes built for them, and, instead, are using the highway. Motorcyclists weaving through traffic seems to be the norm now, at least on the Federal Highway which is my main traffic route to nearly everywhere!

It has become a little scary using the Federal Highway these days because you just never know when a motorcyclist will speed up from behind you to the right or left!

Before GE14, you would only see a lone occasional motorcyclist shooting through the traffic. Why is there a change now?

Are the p0olice not policing now? Prior to GE14, you would often see a police patrol car taking the emergency lane and stop those on it. You would also see police checks on the motorcyclists’ lane. But, these days you don’t see them.

There are not that many roadblocks now like there used to be under the previous government, which, I must admit, is a good sign! Previously, you would drive unsuspectingly to a roadblock fairly often and be ready for a negotiation with the policeman to get a summons or get off the hook for a “fee”!

With the absence of roadblocks, it seems as if the police have decided they are doing away with this additional income or pocket money! That’s very commendable of them. But, are they “giving back” by not policing the streets, especially the highways, and, specifically, the Federal Highway which I use often?

Maybe there’s a legitimate reason why the cops don’t seem to be stopping motorcyclists from using the highway. Perhaps, some stretches of the dedicated motorcyclists’ lane are being repaired. But, at those stretches, detours have been made for the motorcyclists to get past the obstructions. But, why aren’t they following the detours?

Malaysians, generally, are easy-going about following rules. When no one’s looking we break the rules, especially road rules, without blinking an eye! So, some traffic policing is necessary to help us develop the habit of following road rules!

I am looking forward to seeing more traffic policemen patrolling the highways and particularly the Federal Highway so that I can drive on the Federal Highway and other highways without the added stress of having to deal with motorcyclists surprising me from either side of my car!


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