Have yourselves a merry Christmas …

It’s Christmastime! I’ve taken a break from my commentaries on current affairs so that I can enjoy the Christmas season! While I am aware of what’s going on, I’m taking time out from bad news in order to enjoy! This season, I’ll let current events take care of themselves. They are not going to cast a pall of gloom over my happy season! I’ll resume my commentaries next year!

So, friends, enjoy the season! No matter what the difficulties we face, take time out and think of the goodness we celebrate in this season and take heart. Help will come as we keep trusting in the One whose birth we celebrate in this season. While learning to trust Him, enjoy what He gives: this season!

There’s much to enjoy in giving and receiving, helping and being helped, bonding with family and friends, and simply letting your hair down and having a good time!

Push aside your troubles, for a little while find it in your heart to enjoy the season. There’s enough in life to get you down but enjoy Christmas to lift you up! You’ll be refreshed and recharged to take on the grind of life again.

So, folks, have yourselves a merry Christmas!


About Gertrude

I am a little left of centre 21st Century person. What all that means you'll discover as you read my blog!
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