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Gertrude … journalist, lecturer/facilitator and now writer

The caption below my picture above states my professional background. As you read my articles, you will get a picture of the kind of person I am. But, some details about me may help you see my articles in the correct perspective. I am a thinking person with a broad worldview. I am Malaysian, but I see myself more as an international person and one who is comfortable in any cosmopolitan environment. I enjoy both local and world politics and love to engage with people who can contribute in both areas. While I am political, I am also interested in social issues and I write on these concerns as well. Sometimes (not often), I’ll share an insight on a verse from the Bible which resonated with me. As a Christian and because many of my readers are Christian, I do that to give a sensible faith-based explanation on the issue at hand or an application of the Scriptural truth in life. My intent is not to preach or promote Christianity but to show that one can be Christian and still live a full, modern progressive life.



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